Promised Neverland S2 (2021) : Anime Review

The first season ended abruptly with the children escaping the alien farm, towards a future unknown. Emma & Ray lead the children towards safety, while following the clues left by William Minerva, hoping to find the happy-ever-after for themselves. Link to review S1 Promised Neverland S1. promised-neverland-anime. And the beautiful rendition of Isabel’s Lullaby. isabels-lullaby-from-promised-neverland-theme-song

Main Poster

Emma & Ray encounter demons Mujika & Sonju, who claimed that they do not eat human. Emma forms a close bond with Mujika, and learns survival skills to live in the wild forest. The children found a bunker to hide, but are continuously hunted by the demons in the wild. In one escapade, they are rescued by none other than Norman! Norman escaped his earlier ordeal, becoming the leader of the human who are bent to destroy all demons. 

Emma and Norman’s differences in stance – Emma for peace between human & demon, while Norman for destroying demon drive a wedge between them. While Mujika’s blood is able to assist the current demons from degenerating, Emma believes this will provide an opportunity for peace between demon & human.

Hiding away

At the farm, Peter Ratri the human leader, is planning to harvest the human to improve the quantity. Emma & the children struck a counter-attack on the farm, with the main aim to save the other children, with the help of some of the demons & Isabella. The farm is finally destroyed, and the remaining children unlocks the gate towards the “human world”.


Having watched the 1st season and totally loving it, I had high expectations for the 2nd season. And so looking forward to it. However, the 2nd season just did not work out. The plot is difficult to follow and the story telling is messy.

Character-wise, Emma begins to annoy me with her over-the-top optimism. Even when Norman returns, his change in character dampens the story. Worst, the story implies that his change is due to his fear, which I could not reconcile with his character from the 1st season. Ray’s character basically drowns in the whole story, relegated as a support to Emma.

The trio of friends – somehow it doesn’t gel for S2

Mujika & blind demon Vylk, and their background are supposedly the backbone leading to the alien farm. They are also the “anti-dote” essential for the peace-offering between human and demon. But the story-telling is so messy that it is difficult to empathise with them. The scenes seem forced. Peter Ratri’s arc is even more difficult to stomach. The wrap-up to the series over-simplify the feud from thousand of years.

Conclusion 5/10

With a total of 11 episodes, I actually took my own sweet time to finish them in a few sittings. Having completed the series, I actually heaved a big sigh and thought maybe it was better not to have a sequel. On hindsight, should have just skipped it.

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