About us

Agent C

I started the blog to provide an avenue to share my thoughts on various interests. Interest varies with series, travel, books, music etc. Basically everything under the sun. It also serves as a platform for my “agents” to share their stories & communicate. The website has a few agents as helpers. 🙂

Agent S

Officially a teenager, pretending to be the best swordman of the universe. Sometimes chatty, sometimes grouchy, mostly mischievous. Loves any form of ribs. Also known as the BlackHole.

Agent K

Shy with a strong mind of her own. Quintessential girl next door. Usually bubbly & giggly but can turn into a tigress if provoked. Recently reaching double digit in age, embarking on a new adventure in a new land.

Agent D

Shy, sweet & adorable but sometimes impatient. Agent D is also sometimes known as the second black hole while still being a mimi-momo. He has started his own blog ~ yeay! Link to Agent D’s blog herewith


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Honest review of series, drama, movies, travel destinations and anything under the sun.


Sharing of musical interest, favourite tunes & various ensembles. Music across borders..


Crafts & other interests.