Condor Heroes – A Legend on its own

The novels – The Legend of Condor Heroes 射雕英雄传 & Return of Condor Heroes 神雕侠侣 by Jinyong, have been adapted into numerous tv series and even translated into various languages. A cult of their own, the stories are riveting with exciting adventures and morality. The Legend of Condor Heroes focuses on Guo Jing and Yang Kang as nemesis while Return of the Condor Heroes focus on Yang Guo’s love story with Xiao Longnu.

Volume 1 & 2 Translated books in English

Legend of the Condor Heroes follows the adventures of Guo Jing and Yang Kang, polar opposite of each other in upbringing & personality. Guo Jing grew up within the gers of Genghis Khan, under the tutelage of the 7 eccentric tutors of Southern Land. He journeys through the land to find the truth behind his father’s death, meeting his main opponent in the cunning Yang Kang and the love of his life – Huang Rong. Growing up as a young prince, Yang Kang chooses his own path towards destructions as he values his reputation over the truth.

Opposite definitely attracts as Guo Jing is as straight as an arrow while Huang Rong is as cunning as a fox. Combined together, Huang Rong learns to be loyal & honest while Guo Jing learns to be flexible & accommodative.

The key themes focus on loyalty & honesty.

A few of the Legend of the Condor Heroes series that I have watched bits and pieces over the years:

TVB 1983 starring Felix Wong Yat-wah and Barbara Yung
TVB 1994 starring Julian Cheong Chilam and Athena Chu Yan
Chinese Entertainment Shanghai starring Hu Ge and Ariel Lin
iQiyi 2017 starring Yang Xuwen and Li Yitong

The sequel follows the tragic life of Yang Guo, Yang Kang & Mu Nianchi’s son. Losing his parents at a young age, Yang Guo is sent to Quanzhen Sect to learn martial arts. He is bullied & seeks solace in the mountains behind the sect, accidentally found Xiao Longnu and became her disciple.

The sequel’s key themes focus on the exploration of prejudices of society & conforming to the norm.

Over the years, I also watched bits and pieces of the few versions of Return of the Condor Heroes

TVB 1983 starring Andy Lau Tak-wah & Idy Chan
TVB 1995 starring Louis Koo Tin-lok & Carmen Lee
Ciwen Entertainment 2006 starring Huang Xiaoming & Liu Yifei

Between the two stories, I still prefer The Legend of the Condor Heroes as it is lighter with carefree & delightful banters. Return of the Condor Heroes brings with it a tragic love story, which is pleasing to the eyes but a little depressing. Of the different versions, I still like the TVB’s 1994 & 1995 versions of both The Legend of Condor Heroes and Return of the Condor Heroes respectively.

The Legend of Condor Heroes is now published in English – nicely purchased but lying unopened on my book rack! One of these days…

The theme songs are also extremely good, 3 of which is listed herewith

铁血丹心 sung by Roman Tam & Jenni Tseng (linked to the following post)

天下有情人sung by Zhou Wakin

天下无双 sung by Jane Zhang

Please note the music sheet is personally arranged & shared for educational & personal entertainment purposes.  Please use these personal shared items responsibly and not to use these commercially.

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