Mongolia, Land of the Great Khans and Condor Heroes … : Travel Ideas

Land-locked next to the 2 giants – Russia & China, Mongolia bears the strength of generations of warriors able to stand up proudly to the neighbours’ threats. The extreme climate gives rise to beautiful landscape with brilliantly blue sky during the day & brightly lit sky with stars with cold breeze. The sunsets are like the egg yolks, setting in the dark rapidly.

Sunset experience is especially accentuated in Flaming Cliff @ Bayanzag. 
Trekking along the blue sky in mid-afternoon

The vast inland differs significantly as we cross 1,000 kms across in an old faithful car. Russian vans, which look like match boxes, are also aplenty along the route. Kilometers of steppe with nothing in between. Try taking a pee in the middle of the road, hiding behind the bushes (or umbrella)!

The old faithful accompanying us.

The white Ger dots the grassland, with animals rearing across the steppe. Whole family stays inside one ger, interestingly with the middle for cooking & warming. Electricity is scarce.  

Orange sky at the Gobi desert

Heading down south from the city centre of Ulaan Batar, the landscape changes to be sparse turning into the sand dunes. In the desert, camels are the main transportation in the olden days. Walking along the sane dunes is not easy as it seems, climbing up an incline in slope is difficult. One step forward, two steps back. A 500 metre climb took 45 minutes! But the sunset views atop the dunes are breathtaking, accompanied by the singing dunes .

Sunset surrounded by sand dunes @ Khongoryn Els.

Food is foremost meat – lamb & camel. Freshly-grilled lamb is surprisingly tender. Camel meat enveloped in flour dough with fried in hot oil is a favourite of local, although it may not be to everyone’s palate. Camel & horse milk are drank often, and also used to make cheese.   

Mbekk mbekk… our dinner charging ahead!

Eastern Mongolia is lush with greens, extremely suitable for horse-riding trails.  

Views atop Aryabal Temple
Horse-trekking trails

The Great Genghis Khan’s capital of Karakorum is simple & unassuming.

The Great Khan’s statue
Wet with dark clouds in Karakorum
Long live the turtle!

Last but not least, the land of Khans is reminiscent of martial art story by Jinyong, Legend of the Condor Heroes 射雕英雄传, an all time favourite with the lead Guo Jing having spent some time in the land of the Khans in his younger days. 

The original 铁血丹心 by Roman Tam & Jenni Tseng

铁血丹心 variation through strings ensemble

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