Walkabouts @ Shanghai : Travel Ideas

The recent broadcast of The Legacy, which is based in Shanghai city during the 1920s and 1930s, brings back memories of visits to this beautiful & unique city. Different parts of the cities bring different vibes. Be prepared to be blown away with the different parts of the cities.

Coming out of the airport pre-pandemic, visitors are usually faced with snarling traffic jam everywhere.

Highways upon highways, snarling jam everywhere

Taking a slightly different route of walking about the cities, the following are visits to the most impressive tourist attractions and also to the most mundane streets of the bustling city.

Walk-about @ Yu-yuan Garden or Yu Garden – the sprawling garden is a sight to behold with traditional architecture with pavilion and water amidst the Chinese garden. Always with flocking tourists, it is difficult to find some peace within. Try to have a cup of tea in the many snack shops or tea-houses. Outside the main garden, there are also a few shops selling dumplings including Xiao Long Bao, famous Shanghainese cuisine. Grab some after the walkabout in the garden.  

Pavilion on water at Yu-Yuan Garden
Different views @ garden
Night views @ garden with reflection of the lights

Walk-about along The Bund, riverside made famous of the series of the same name. Running along the Huangpu River, the opposite sides are always beckoning for you to visit. During my visits, various parts are having constructions making it a little more difficult for a long walk.

Views across Huangpu River with all the constructions pre 2010

Walk-about @ French Concessionaire – architecture wise more of medium walkup apartments, with boutique shops lining the area. It is a great walkabout to find some these boutique shops

Walk-about of mundane nameless streets within the city – various spots to take in the vibrant city.

Tall livable apartments
Alleys along community
Beautiful lotus in full bloom in the city
Traditional architecture preserved within the city
Temple visit with incense haziness
Traditional lantern adorning the ceiling alleys

Surrounded by water-towns, nearby Shanghai there are also interesting water towns to explore. One such town is Zhu Jia Jiao. Previously prior to 2010, transport to the watertown is only via bus. With my limited Mandarin, I am still amazed I found the bus to the town (after at least being re-directed twice). Once there, the place is really nice to have a stroll at your own pace.

Walkabout @ Zhu Jia Jiao watertown – Take a sip of tea. Get a picture stamped on the mug to bring home. Take the small boat along the canal. Stop by for a meal (or two or three) at the many small restaurants serving local food. Grab some snacks from the many vendors selling in the town.  

Arriving at the watertown Zhu Jia Jiao
Small boats running along the canal of the water-town
Greens along the way
Easy access to small boats along the canal via the steps

With so many interesting attractions, always looking forward to more visits to the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Shanghai.

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