Be My Wife I, II, III (2019, 2020, 2021) 邪王追妻: C-Anime Series Review

The Chinese title is actually Lord of Xie chasing for a wife. Hence, I would have thought the novel’s English title is more appropriate ie The Demonic King who Chases His Wife. The original novel is authored by Su Xiao Nan and is an ongoing novel which is already in its 1,700++ chapters as a translated English novel. It has not even ended!

Journey of enhancing power & love – Su Luo & Nan Gong Liu Yun

The good thing about anime & this particular one – it is condensed into short 10 – 20 minutes animation & hence easier to follow. There seems to be 3 parts to the anime

  1. The original Be My Wife which focuses on Su Luo’s reincarnation as Su Luo in Su family of the ancient world,
  2. Part II which focuses on Su Luo’s adventure in finding her own power in potion-making and space-shifting
  3. Part III focuses on the revelation of the true identity of Su Luo as the daughter of a Goddess and all the schemes to re-start the world.

The main lead of the story is actually Su Luo, a daughter of the Su family who is deemed useless due to her inability to exercise her magical power. Her life has been difficult in the modern world, as she has been trained as an assassin and betrayed by her lover Ouyang Yun Qi. When she dies in the modern world, she is somehow transported back to the ancient world as Su Luo of Su Manor. Unfortunately, Su Luo does not seem to have any intricate power (whereby each youth is tested and graded to hone their skills in the various powers such as fire, water, potion-making etc.

Supportive & always believing Su Luo

Bullied & looked-down upon, Su Luo uses her skills from the modern world to keep her life bearable. She somehow catches the attention of Lord Xie Nan Gong Liu Yun, who has great potential with his power of lighting but suffers from a rare blood disorder which also makes him the target hunt of a secret society. The duo makes an unlikely pair, whereby Su Luo’s determination & persistence attracts the slightly arrogant Nan Gong Liu Yun. Betrayed once, Su Luo is extremely careful not to let her emotions take over but slowly falls in love with Nan Gong Liu Yun’s sincerity.

Muse #1 This is the first time that I am watching an anime and reading a Chinese novel whereby the main lead is actually a female. The usual Chinese novel focusing on adventures of the youth are usually with male lead. It is definitely a great change in perspectives.

Muse #2 Nan Gong Liu Yun manages to finally capture Su Luo’s heart by just believing in her, taking into account of her needs rather than making decisions for her. Exactly the mistakes that Su Luo’s past lover Ouyang Yun Qi does by taking one-sided decision on her behalf without consulting or communicating with her. I like the key message in the anime – respect a girl for their input and always communicate to decide together.

As the youth explores various adventures in their task to enhance their power, the competition between Su Luo and Li Yao Yao intensifies as both strives to be Lord Rong Yun (master of potion-making)’s disciple. Although Li Yao Yao finally won, she is captured by the revengeful female potion-master who wishes to hurt Lord Rong Yun and became her disciple instead. Su Luo becomes Rong Yun’s disciple and then only realises that Lord Rong Yun actually masters both potion-making and space-shifting, enabling her to learn both skills at the same time.

Li Yao Yao – great bounce back from adversity

Muse #3 The development of Li Yao Yao’s character is actually very positive. Although the arrogant daughter of an aristocrat is put to shame and loses her confidence, she bounces back to be a better version of herself. She actually becomes allies to Su Luo and strives to improve herself. I thought such key messages in the novel and anime are extremely good role model for young girls – bounce back from adversity, face rejections bravely and be a better version of themselves. There is no good coming from jealousy & obsession with being competitive.

As the story reveals more schemes from various different parties – Lord Rong Yun & his knowledge of many secrets, a secret society which is chasing for the blood of Nan Gong Liu Yun, the return of Su Luo’s modern day lover Ouyang Yun Qi, the 10,000-year old tree magical beast who seems to store a lot of historical information on Su Luo’s background.    

Muse #4 Each youth can actually tame magical beasts that can be either animals or plants. Su Luo has 2 of these – a small cute special dragon and a magical 10,000-year old tree. These magical beasts are able to help Su Luo in her battles. I like the contrasts in the 2 beasts’ personality – one a young cheeky & mischievous dragon and the other a wise & loyal but often forgetful tree.  

Past life & past love – Ouyang Yun Qi & Su Luo

When Ouyang Yun Qi returns, he is keen to reconcile with Su Luo but put to a distance by the suspicious Su Luo. The ultimate secret is finally revealed that Su Luo is actually the daughter of a Goddess who sacrifices herself in her attempt to change the world’s hierarchy of power. It is also revealed that the sacrifices of the blood of Su Luo and Nan Gong Liu Yun is able to resurrect the Goddess, and her followers will be able to time-travel to the past and change the history.  

The various parties are also revealed to have ulterior motives

  • Ouyang Yun Qi is under his father’s instruction to get close to Su Luo, as their kingdom is the Goddess’ follower who is keen to rewind the past to change history
  • Lord Rong Yun is also revealed to be the disciple of the Goddess and has been tasked to protect Su Luo.
  • The Secret Society is co-headed by Lord Rong Yun (Lord White Token) and his brother-in-arm, the other disciple of the Goddess – Lord Red Token. Lord Red Token is also the scheming to revive the Goddess and works with the Ouyang family

As Su Luo finds out her background, she is given a choice to be a Goddess herself who will need to prioritise the greater good for the world, but will need to give up her attachment of emotions to worldly things eg her friendship with her comrade in fighting and her new found-love for Nan Gong Liu Yun. Part III ends with her vowing to take a different route so that she can prioritise the greater good for the world and keep her worldly attachment.

Muse #5 The fact that Su Luo takes an alternative route than the one set for her is not surprising, given her penchant for trying out new things. A good message to always strive to look for alternative solutions to meet our own requirements & needs.

Conclusion 8/10

I actually only watched the Season II and III on iQiyi platform. The anime was a little confusing as I started the Season II (thinking it was Season I), and could not find Season I.

A great summarised version of the novel. I would have loved a slightly expanded version which focuses on character development for the main characters. Many of the characters are worthy to be given more screen time as they have their own stories & challenges.

Looking forward to the subsequent anime, if they do intend to go on. In the meantime, I would probably try to read the English-translated version of the novel to find out what happens next.  

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