Attractions @ Prague : Travel Ideas

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic, the largest city with a lot of attractions to explore.

Views of Prague Castle across the Charles Bridge
Cruises aplenty running across the river

The most famous of the city is Charles Bridge, often attracting visitors. Walking across the Vltava River connecting the Prague Castle and the adjacent areas, visitors have a view of imposing Prague Castle from afar. Many years ago, there are small vendors and buskers performing along the bridge, not so sure whether this is still the case post-pandemic.

Once visitors crossed over towards the old Prague town, the old town square welcomes. Head towards the Astromical Clock for a look, before stopping by any of the souvenir shops or cafes. Otherwise, proceed towards the Prague Castle which takes some time to cover.

Ancient Astronomical Clock

Drop by the St Vitus Cathedral as well to have a look, and take a picture or two. The old town architectures are mainly dark-toned, reminiscent of the previous ancient cities with stones and cobbled-pavements. Definitely a good idea to get good gripping shoes for walking.

St Vitus Cathedral
Walking in the city

Climb up one of the taller buildings to have a look at the city view, which is vast and beautiful with the river view in between.

City views with the river

We headed towards the outskirt to visit Karlstejn Castle, an easy reach by train about 45 minutes away. Coming out from Karlstejn Train Station, follow the signs towards the castle. It is a leisurely walk slightly uphill. Enjoy the country views.

Walking uphill towards Karlstejn Castle
Castle near view
Country-side views

These are mainly photos from 2006, more than 16 years ago. Digital photos were still not so developed, hence forgive the grainy pictures. Back in the mid-2000s, public transport was usually packed. Be careful of pickpockets as they are quick to cut through your bags to get your wallets.

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