Attractions @ Busan : Travel Ideas

Any introduction to South Korea starts with their capital city Seoul. However, all the way down south of the peninsular is an interesting city of Busan. Think of the movie Train to Busan starring Gong Yoo. The vibes in Busan are quite different compared with Seoul, as my first impression when we reached during winter time is a more placid and relaxed city.

Gamcheon Village is just a public bus away from central Busan. The attraction is in the colourful houses dotting the layers built on the steep mountain side. The mini buses heading to the village stops at 2 main stops, either one can be used as the entrance to the village. As you drop by the stop, walk towards the layered-streets in the mountain.

Layers of colourful houses at Gamcheon Village
More colourful houses
Hot afternoon sun on a bright winter day

Some of these houses have been converted into shops selling knick-knacks or small shops serving Korean delicacies. Most of these eateries are not your conventional Korean restaurants, but a fusion with the western delicacies.

Another interesting sight (with potential long queue) is the opportunity to take picture with the Little Prince and the Fox, with the story originating from France. The 2 little statues are cute to be overseeing the mountain side.  

Haeundae Beach is less than an hour away by subway, with a stretch of sandy beach to laze around. During summer, the place is packed with visitors eager to be beach bums. During winter, there are not many visitors but dipping your feet into the sea water is surprisingly warmer than originally thought. The breeze is clear while the small waves crashing into the sandy beach is inviting. Night view at the beach with lights from the nearby tall building makes it an interesting view linking modern architecture with the nature of sea.

Tall buildings alongside stretch of Haeundae Beach
Relatively less people at the beach

Yonggungsa Temple is a temple by the seaside cliff. It is a simple temple with stunning views of the sea. Stroll around the areas to enjoy the sea breeze while spending time to take a cup of hot tea. If you are into shopping, there is Lotte Premium Outlet nearby 1 bus-stop away.

Entrance welcoming at the Yonggungsa Temple
Views from the temple

Another interesting temple is Beomeosa Temple, which stands at the foot of the mountain, covering quite a large area. A winter visit to the temple is actually very cold, and a cup of hot tea is always welcomed.

Main entrance with lighted lanterns
Temples inside the courtyard of Beomeosa

Pack your bag, enjoy a relaxed trip to Busan! Minus the zombies…

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