Attractions @ Dubai : Travel Ideas

Dubai & Abu Dhabi, 2 hours apart, but both are cities of contrast. Situated right in the desert of the Middle Eastern, as temperature soars in the middle of the day, it drops significantly during night time.

Tyre tracks of the 4-wheel drive criss-crossing the desert at the outskirt of Dubai

Desert is easily accessible from the city centre. We went for a desert tour, commencing late afternoon when the temperature is no longer unbearable. A four-wheel drive came to pick us, cruising along the highway. The driver stopped off-road to let go of the air in the tyre, before plunging into the sandy grasses leading to the desert. We reached the sandy desert in no time, coming down for cultural performances and a ride on the camel. The sunset seen from the desert is especially similar to an egg yolk.  

A welcome from the host camel
The yolk during the sunset

Both cities continue to expand especially horizontally with many more tall buildings built. Back in 2006, Burj Al Arab was the newly developed building. Going in for a buffet definitely set you back a bit. Before you know it, the next big building Burj Khalifa is the new building in town (and the world too).

Burj Al Arab in 2006
Crystal clear water at the beach nearby Dubai

Dubai has a special transport in the form of water-taxi. It is an interesting way to observe the daily life of the many migrant workers in the city. Take the water-taxi to the market selling kurma, spices and all sorts of food. Drop by the glittering gold shops, and see for yourselves how popular gold is in the country.  

Considered as relatively cheap public transport, easy way to go around
The many water-taxis available for crossings
A lone water-taxi full of passengers

Abu Dhabi is a 2-hour journey by private transport via a toll-free highway from Dubai. Highway is relatively not crowded, and more spaces in Abu Dhabi.

On a hot afternoon, the greens looks so nice with crystal clear water with blue sky
Abu Dhabi across the man-made lake

In a country lacking water – the man-made lake seems surreal with all the housing & commercial development enveloping the surrounding areas. When it is too unbearable to be outside, look for a shopping complex to bask in the air-conditioned mall. Be careful of heat stroke especially in the middle of the day.

Water feature is an important aspect of many of the shopping complexes

It is advisable to wear culturally-appropriate clothing even though it is tempting to be comfortable under the unbearable heat. Bring along a good shades to protect the eyes, with tonnes of sunblock for the skin.

Blue sky, blue water, everything blue!

If you notice the bright sky, there is barely any cloud forming. The sky background is almost always blue, glaring back at you. 😀 A visit to these 2 cities will open your eyes to a totally new culture & destination.  

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