Dream Chaser (1990) 追梦人 : Theme Song for A Moment of Romance & The Crossing

I am reminded of this song when watching the pairing session in Our Song S3, which was very nicely sung by Joker Xue and Eric Chou.

The Cantonese version of this song is used as the theme song for a 1990 movie “A Moment of Romance” 天若有情 with Andy Lau and Wu Chien-lien as star-crossed lovers with very tragic ending. The movie & the song especially with the scene of Andy Lau riding the bike with his bride, with blood trickling down his nose – a recipe to squeeze out all the girls’ tears.

The Mandarin version of the song is used as the theme song in The Crossing 太平轮 – a 2-part movie aired in 2014-2015 with 3 main couples starring Takeshi Kaneshiro – Masami Nagasawa, Huang Xiao Ming – Song Hye-Kyo, Tong Da Wei – Zhang Zhi Yi. Updated next in my list to watch the 2-part movies.

Same haunting tune used for tragic romances. A harp audio version.

Sharing herewith 2 version of piano arrangement. A simpler one is a special request by Agent D who is suddenly interested in this particular Chinese song, which is quite rare! As his little fingers still can’t play a full octave, a shorter & simpler version with easier chords are used.

Please note the music sheet is personally arranged & shared for educational & personal entertainment purposes.  Please use these personal shared items responsibly and not to use these commercially.

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