Attractions @ Bergen : Travel Ideas

Beautiful scenery even on a slightly downcast weather at the Sognefjord

A relatively smaller city in the Scandinavian region, Bergen has a lot to offer. Surrounded by scenic fjord, Bergen is a great place to station yourselves while exploring nearby attractions.

Reflections of nature

Exploring nearest fjord

The nearest fjord to Bergen is Sognefjord, and there is an easy way to visit via the Flam Railway. Taking a standard itinery, we experienced various transportation modes – train, bus, cruise along the fjord. Taking the bright red train towards the mountainous region, there will be a quick stop to gaze at the waterfall gushing out water. But the views along the train rides are not to be missed, as the scenes changes for us to marvel at how nature presents its own beauty.

The signature red Flam Railway
Greeneries along the fjord
Mid-stop of Flam Railway for a quick picture of the whooshing waterfall

Stopping by at Flam, you can enjoy more beautiful sceneries offered by a smaller town.

Views along the small towns along the fjord

The cruise brings us snaking views of the mountains, calmly moving you along the fjord rivers. A whole day passes by so fast, and by then back in Bergen ready to explore the city itself and other nearby areas.

Sceneries of mountains upon mountains, almost out of old paintings
Cruises leaving ripples on the water

Colourful Bergen City

Bergen city itself is quite interesting. Start the day by taking a slow stroll along the Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, which offers colourful shops along the wharf for picturesque photo-taking opportunities. The wharf is a small maze for curious travelers to spend some time to explore.

Colourful shops along the wharf
Boats docking at the wharf
Beautiful day for viewing

Mount Ulriken offers a panaromic view of the nearby places. Easiest way up is the funicular to the top. Otherwise, you can always hike up at your own pace.

Views from the summit of Mount Ulriken

Fantoft Stave Church is another interesting church, one that has been rebuilt and even moved to the current location.

A steep walk up to the church should be expected

Bergen, gateway to the fjord.

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