When in Rome do as the Romans : Travel Ideas

Inside coloseum

The city that sparks the famous advice when visiting a foreign land, best to follow the customs of the locals. Travel-wise Rome does have a lot to offer too.

Piazza San Pietro

First stop – The Vatican city. Welcoming visitors was the vast piazza of Piazza San Pietro. During summer, there seemed to be a perpetual snaking queue to go into the Vatican museum. Be prepared to spend at least half a day to slowly absorb all the sights & stories. Moving along, stop by the Sistine Chapel. Crane your neck to appreciate Michelangelo’s master piece on the ceiling. Interestingly in the mid-2000, Dan Brown’s best-selling book Da Vinci Code (and then the movie too) caught the imaginations of many, prompting special tours for interested visitors.

St Peter’s Basilica

If you are feeling for a good walk, run along uphill to visit the Roman Forum. From the hilltop, have a peek at the next destination.

Resting after a walk uphill

Next stop – where the gladiators fight it out at the Coloseum. My first visit to the Coloseum – I was so in awe and could imagine how the crowd will be cheering. Various shots of Coloseum over the visits.

Early afternoon view
Late afternoon view
Early evening view

Russell Crowe’s Gladiator immediately came to mind, especially the haunting theme song by Hans Zimmerman.  

In the cobbled city centre of Rome, saunter around the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. Throw a coin or two for a wish in Trevi Fountain.

Used to be locals tell us to just drink from the fountains!

Last but not least, Italian food definitely has a lot to offer. During my 2 visits both in the summer month, it was best time to sample all the different gelatos (yummy!). Pizza aplenty, with various toppings but always too big for me to finish. 😀 One more interesting bit, take-away coffee was cheaper and the cost-conscious never saunter around to pay the extra euro for a seat.   

Take your pick of gelato flavors

My last visit to Rome was in 2006, indeed a very long time ago. Would really be interesting to see the changes over the years.

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