Jewels of Sri Lanka : Travel Ideas

Lotus ponds

Sri Lanka, or previously known as Ceylon, is an island located off south east from India. I have always associated Sri Lanka with the Theravada Buddhism, perhaps from early exposure to a temple with base in Theravada Buddhism. Although a relatively small country, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer even a decade ago in 2010. During our visit, weather is slightly wet and damp, but did not diminish the sparkle of the jewels in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has resorts connecting to nature


Our first stop is Sigiriya, a rock fortress right in the midst of the island. Roads leading to Sigiriya is a little bumpy (but which roads in Sri Lanka is not bumpy? :D). Precisely because of the bumpy roads or perhaps the lack of sleep, dizziness came upon us and vomit we did, taking a bit of time to recover before scaling the hike up.

Walking towards the entrance of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress on a rainy day
Hike & walk up
Views atop fortress

Even after a shower of rain, the rock fortress looks magnificent from afar although the hike up the stairs is a little slippery. Views atop is beautiful even in the foggy surroundings. What awaits visitors upon hiking up the staircases is the paintings on the rocks.

Painting at the top of fortress


Foggy day & view from Dambulla
Carvings of Buddha statues in Dambulla’s caves
Sleeping Buddha

Another stop is also related to cave-dwellings, located in Dambulla. Carvings of Buddha statues and paintings are encrypted on the cave walls. Caves are slightly small but cosy enough to walk about. Wonders of the ancient people spending time to carve out the statues.  


The city of Kandy is the ancient capital city, which is famous for its Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. Going into the temple is not easy, as the temple is popular even amongst local. Going in with the crowd, it is easy to get lost even though entrances & exits are  controlled as a one-way street.

Hundreds of stupas

The most crowded area is the one leading to the sanctuary of the tooth relic. Lining up to take a glimpse of the relic, frankly, I only saw the overall place which is to store the relic.

Long queue lining up towards the sanctuary of the tooth relic


The current capital city is a busy city, surrounded by sandy beaches. Back then, construction of buildings can be seen everywhere. At the suburbs of the city, resorts by the beach is relaxing with the howling winds & strong waves at the beach.

City views @ Colombo
Beautiful resort at the beach, with en-suite swimming pool right next to the beach

Public transport is not easy to maneuver, hence having a private vehicle hire is indeed the best manner to go around. One attraction to another is far away, and having the convenience of private vehicle is great to take a view of local life along the routes (or perhaps sleeping the bumpy road away) 😀

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