Vivid Colours of Sunrise @ Nagarkot, Nepal : Travel Ideas

Close-up views of the mountain range in winter

Nagarkot is a hill-side resort approximately 30 km away from Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal. Nagarkot boasts a magnificent view of the Himalayan range. Visiting Nagarkot at year end provides an opportunity to experience the cold winter at the feet of the Himalayan range, with an out of this world view.

The clouds seemingly extended halfway the hillside, one that is comparable to a scene from the heavenly kingdom. Blowing puff of clouds moving about their own business, breezy wind slowly wafting the fog away revealing the magnificent view at the background.

Views at Nagarkot, with clouds surrounding the hillside


Nagarkot is famous for their sunrise view. The best is to pick a resort with a room directly facing the mountain range, wake up early & brew a cup of coffee to go with the view at the balcony.

Darkness encrypts the dawn, with the shy yolk of sun hiding behind the thick clouds.
As the time ticks slowly, the dark indigo gives way to an azure of blue hues.
When the bright sunshine opens its lid
The hues of crimson red flickers through the azure of blues
Producing a beautiful mix of contrasting colours for a glorious sunrise
Bated breath awaits the hues to blend in, giving a chance for the round yolk to take centre stage
Before climbing further upwards & disappearing into the blue sky

A new day awaits upon the sunrise.

Clouds & The Mountain Range

Watching the day goes by, cloud forming and blowing off

Most resorts will provide a side view of the clouds & the mountain range. Sitting at the same seat, you will be able to observe the clouds blowing by the very clear blue sky, forming all sorts of imaginable pattern restricted only by your own imagination.  

Clear blue sky

There are hill-side trails that visitors can take to fully enjoy the fresh air outdoor. As it was the beginning of winter, we took the day easy by just chillaxing at the resort and watched the day went by.

Misty & foggy morning
Cloud – so near yet so far

Earthquake of 2015

In 2015, an earthquake struck Nepal, rendering the nation helpless against nature and thrusting an already poverty-stricken country into further despair. Although there are aids trickling in to help the country, the rebuilding of livelihood & homes for the survivors are a long, winding road. May the country & its population fare well.


Hiring a private car to Nagarkot is the easiest way to the hill, taking slightly more than an hour. The journey in 2013 was vaguely smooth, whereby we stayed a night at one of the resorts at the hillside to experience the famed sunrise. There are public buses from Kathmandu, but may be crowded and road conditions are not the best.

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