Bengawan Solo : Indonesia’s Tune of Treasure

Bengawan Solo is composed by Gesang Martohartoeno in 1940, piercing into the heart of many over the decades. The original is usually played as a keroncong or kroncong orchestra, of which the traditional ensemble consists of a flute, a violin or a pair of kroncongs, a cello in pizzicato style, string bass in pizzicato style, and a vocalist. A keroncong is also an ukulele-style instrument.  

The tune is both soothing & glorious, evoking a much simpler lifestyle for the inhabitants near the rivers in Solo in Javanese island.

Sharing 2 simple versions on wood pallet & strings, and its simple piano sheet arrangement.

Please note the music sheet is personally arranged & shared for educational & personal entertainment purposes.  Please use these personal shared items responsibly and not to use these commercially.


Bengawan Solo, riwayatmu duluRiver of Solo, your past history
Sedari dulu jadi perhatian insaniRealising then to be people’s attention
Musim kemarau tak berapa airmuDuring times of drought, you have not much water
Di musim hujan air meluap sampai jauhDuring rainy season, water overflows far away
Mata airmu dari Solo, terkurung Gunung SeribuYour tears from Solo, imprisoned in thousands of mountains
Air mengalir sampai jauh akhirnya ke lautWater flows far towards the sea
Itu perahu riwayatnya duluThat boat, its past history
Kaum pedagang s’lalu naik itu perahuThe merchants always take the boat

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