Twins of Mont St Michel in Normandy and Cornwall : Travel Ideas

The twins reside as Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France and Saint Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Similarly tidal islands, each island bears different feel once visited.  

Mont St Michel in Normandy

Foggy winter morning while driving in Normandy
Entrance of Mt St Michel in 2005, main bridge was not built as yet, parking was nearby

First visiting Mont St Michel in Normandy in the winter of 2005, the landscape upon the route leading to the island is bare and a little gloomy. But once standing at the entrance, the majestic buildings & abbeys welcome visitors. Designated as an UNESCO world heritage site, spend at least half a day roaming inside the island, slowly taking in the various interesting attractions.  Post my visit in 2005, a new bridge has been built whereby access to the island is via walking 2.5 km or a shuttle.

Outside view of the Abbey
Fortress wall surrounding the island

The Abbey is an integral part of the island, with association with Benedictine monks in the past. My recollection of the island is full of Gregorian chants, heard in the Abbey and along the walks in the island.

Balcony overseeing the sea
Low tide at the sea

Roads in the island is mainly cobbled stones. Stores in the island is mainly touristy, as population is sparse and mainly to support the tourism in industry.

Mount Saint Michael in Cornwall

The day started off a little gloomy but quickly turned bright & sunny
Taking the boat over & landing at the pier

On the other hand, Mount Saint Michael in Cornwall is much smaller, with a shorter walk to the island when the tide is low. Otherwise, a short boat ride is available going to the island, roaming a couple of hours while waiting for the tide to recede with the path open for walking.

Waiting for the receding tide, slowly paving the pavement to walk to the mainland
Scenery after climbing upwards

The feel in Mount St Michael is also very different, with less building and barren spaces. Climbing up the small castle on a bright autumn in 2018 is a breezy experience. Views atop the island shows the beautiful rocky beach on one side and a more plain sandy beach on another side, mainly silts brought in by the tide.

Stony beach
Sandy side

Small shops are at the main entrance/ exit enticing tourists to spend some money on various souvenirs. Don’t miss out the visits to these 2 tidal islands when in the European region!

Day turned bright & sunny, clouds so beautifully floating on the sky

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