Up, Up, Away with the Balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey : Travel Ideas

Cappadocia is a region in central Turkey, famous for its beautiful rock formations. One method of experiencing the amazing natural landscape is from the sky. Flying over the landscape, up up away on a balloon! Exactly the same way in the animated cartoon UP.

Views in Cappadocia

The experience starts early, way before the sun rises. Get ready to take a car ride to the nearby flat land. Busy bees are everywhere preparing balloons for enthusiastic tourists. We joke you not when we state that there are hundreds of balloons preparing to go up the sky! At least pre-pandemic.  

Balloons getting ready!
Blowing hot air to make it stand

Getting up the balloon is no small feat if you are not agile. But once in there, bags of sand are put away to reduce the weight for the balloon to go up. Slowly but definitely – up up away…. Having motion sickness, I was a little worried whether hot air balloon may also cause another bout of motion sickness. Phew, lucky me no vomit bag is needed (it was already prepared).

All ready to go up!
Views when going up slowly

The scene starts with nearby balloons going up at the same time, and the rest is really up to how the natural winds will bring each specific balloon to their landing spots. The only control within the balloon is up and down, hence weather plays an important aspect to whether the balloons are safe to go up with a bunch of gullible amateur.

Beautiful views from atop
Layers of rocks on the plain land
Lone ranger

Mother earth & natural essence of time – brings us such beautiful formations from millions of years. Snap away, and enjoy the thrill being inside a balloon blown away by wind.

Landing is slow but can be bumpy if wind is strong. Hold on tight. Once landed, champagne awaits for those eager to quell the queasy stomach.

Bringing the balloon home…
Ready Champagne!
Nearby Goreme village carved out of rocks

Sharing a simple & short ensemble of Married Life the theme song from UP.

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