Criss-crossing Heidi-land on Bernina Express and Glacier Express : Travel Ideas

Switzerland is a wonderfully land-locked scenic country. Criss-crossing the mountainous areas on train allows you to see changes in season in one train ride. Take a window seat & enjoy the beautiful colours come alive before your eyes in the cozy trains of Bernina Express and Glacier Express.

Boarding the express train
Cloud enclosing the blue sky, showing a glimpse of gloom
Greeted by the valley – painting style

The season was just shifting into autumn when these pictures were taken. At the beginning of the journey, the wind was breezy with a tint of warmth. Along the journey, snow blizzard approached and disappeared as fast as it came. The greens were shrouded temporarily with the pure blinding snow white, revealing vivid colour of the valleys.

Winter creeping up on summer
All snowy white in September!
Suddenly foggy

The experience is within a modest reach via the Swiss Pass. Make sure that you book the seats in advance and sit back to enjoy the changing seasons & weather.  

Hot soup to provide some warmth
Bluish green amidst the snow
A little snowcap

Although Brian Cain’s Song for Sienna is inspired from a trip to Italy, I thought the mood invoked from this soothing & serene piece blends well with the scenes. I googled simple modern piano pieces and found Brian Cain. The first song that caught my attention was Rain, which is exactly how I would imagine the sound of rain will be in a playful but steadfast rhythm. Song for Sienna only caught on a little later, but the impact has been profound as the tune is “thoughtful”.

Easy to fall in love with Switzerland…

Looking forward to be back soon!

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