Finland, where my sweetheart is… : Travel Ideas

Finland, a Nordic country nestled between Sweden & Russia, packs a full-punch of beautiful sceneries. And a lovely song “Missä muruseni on” by Jenni Vartiainen, singing “Where My Sweetheart Is”.

Most tourists arrive in Finland via Helsinki. The main city is small & full of character, having plenty of terminals for cruise-liners to depart to cities such as Stockholm, Talinn & St Petersburg. Day-trips from Helsinki are interesting adventures.

Lutheran Cathedral in Helsinki
Porvoo for a magical stroll along the riverside of colourful buildings amidst clear blue sky.

Suomenlinna for a visit to a fortress with walking trails with stunning seaside views.
Talinn for a medieval city feel. Venture for great (and cheaper!) food & trinklets along the many small stores.

Rovaniemi is a good starter to the white Lapland, being the home of Santa & his enterprising elves & reindeer. Gateway to the white pure lapland, cold piercing to the bones…

Walk across the Artic Circle, dancing in the light
Run after the Northern Lights during the cold frosty night, resting thereafter with a marshmallow & hot coffee at the fireside.

Let the huskies bring you on a dog-sled adventure
Lapland’s white trail

Finally, a Finnish song that snagged my ears at first note and stayed on in my heart. Sharing the simple piano arrangement by Agent C.


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