The Legend of Miyue (2015) 羋月傳 : Theme Song

The Legend of Miyue traces the story of Mi Yue from her early years to her ascend as the Queen Dowager Xuan of the state of Chu. In the series, she is fated with 3 men at different stages of her life – Huang Xie as her first love, Ying Si (King Huiwen of Qin Kingdom) as her benefactor and Zhai Li (King of Yiqu).  

The titular character is portrayed by Sun Li while Liu Tao portrays Mi Yue’s elder sister. Both actresses are very good. Loving Liu Tao the best, especially during the period have just seen her in Nirvana in Fire I, Ode to Joy I and II, and then Legend of Mi Yue. Topping it off, her personal life really impresses me with her loyalty & commitment to her husband & family.  

Liu Tao as Mi Shu

The theme song to the series is a nice tune, sharing the ensemble in original piano & bell.

The other theme songs are also quite different, perhaps reflective of the culture of northern Yiqu and Qin kingdom.

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