Aging of a Beauty 红颜旧, Nirvana In Fire I (2015) 琅琊榜 : Theme Song

Nirvana In Fire I has many great songs, which are great on its original form and even better in instrumental ensemble. One of the theme songs, Aging of a Beauty, is sung by Liu Tao the actress portraying Mu Nihuang. And boy, the song is so appropriate of her circumstances.  

The lyrics are beautiful (even in English!), speaking volumes of the sadness & longings amidst the passage of time. It shows how miniscule the human lifespan in the context of time. My key takeaways – make the best of the time in our life, be grateful & happy for whatever comes along as time doesn’t wait for anyone.

Aging of A Beauty 红颜旧 (Hong Yan Jiu)

The west wind blows past, cold rain in the mountains

Home & country remembered vaguely in dreams

Thinking of you but not seeing you, brings forth more sorrows

Though arduous, separation is endured

When will the flames of war rest?

Successes & failures will wash away in the river of time

The candles are spent, but tears will not dry

The kingdom is still young but she is not

Separation is to be endured

Though hard to bear, separate we must

Entrusting the wild geese to head south, but where shall this heart go?

She is no longer while time flows as always

These pure feelings will never waver

The original arrangement is slower, but I didn’t like it too slow as it sounds a little depressing to me. Hence, this arrangement uses an ensemble based on dreamy bells and the beats are a little faster.

Sharing a simple arrangement of piano sheet for this wonderful piece of music.

Please note the music sheet is personally arranged & shared for educational & personal entertainment purposes.  Please use these personal shared items responsibly and not to use these commercially.

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