The Rebel Princess (2021) – The End of the World 天涯尽处 : Theme Song

The ending soundtrack for Rebel Princess is The End of the World 天涯尽处, performed by Hu Xia and Zhou Shen. The song is magnificent, capturing the extravagance in the glorious ancient city. It also helps that my favourite singer Zhou Shen is the one helming the song :D.

While arranging for this song, I was stuck on the arrangement for quite a while. There were a few challenges – main one being finding the original key for the singers! Knowing that it is a minor key and finding the suitable key took quite a while, ending up with the current version.

The theme song to the series is a nice tune, sharing the ensemble in original piano & string.  

String version

Please note the music sheet is personally arranged & shared for educational & personal entertainment purposes.  Please use these personal shared items responsibly and not to use these commercially.

3 thoughts on “The Rebel Princess (2021) – The End of the World 天涯尽处 : Theme Song

  1. Great to hear on your exploration on guitar sheet music. Coincidentally, I have just started on my guitar lessons. Do share if you have the chords. Would love to play them.

    The key used in this piano sheet version is a little complicated, but is the nearest that we could find to the original tune. The final version uses a D flat key, although an A flat key may work with some tweaks. For simplicity, moving a half tone down for the D flat key will simplify the piece to a C major key. Perhaps this may work better?


  2. I’m a guitar player doing something similar to you, that is, arranging songs for others to play. I work up lead sheets (lyric-and-chord song sheets with timing) for an amateur music group at a senior center. (I’m not paid and no money changes hands.) I don’t need a full piano score such as you have done, just some indication of the chord progression.

    By playing along with the theme song on TV, the key signature seems to be somewhat unusual for guitar (A♭m?), but I’ll probably be able to accommodate that with a capo once I figure out a chord progression. My plan is use your 2:27 “string version” on this page to figure out some chords to play. I’ll also be scouring the internet for what other people may have figured out about this song.

    Thank you!


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