Carved Big Buddha in Leshan, China 乐山大佛 : Travel Ideas

At the cross of the river, a giant Buddha is carved from the stones at the cliff ledge more than a thousand years ago. Known as Leshan Giant Buddha, it is listed as an UNESCO heritage site. Originally built to “calm” the turbulent water, the use of surrounding rocks made it safe after all for the future generations.

River leading to the Leshan Giant Buddha on a foggy day
Slowly inching our way to the centre for a better view
Moving boat allowing us to have an overall view of the statue
Views from the river, taking turns to take snapshots

We took the river-route via a boat, providing full view of the statue. When the boat flows nearer to the statue, the magnificent feeling is real. How much effort is used to carve out the stones!  Another entrance requires a bit of walking down the staircases from the top. About 2 hours from Chengdu, public transport is probably slightly easier with an hour of high-speed train from Chengdu to Leshan before transferring to a local bus to the destination.

Comic 风云, then the movie in 1998, the series in 2002…

Spend a day out in 风云 Wind & Cloud’s world. The giant Buddha reminds me of the scenes from Stormrider 风云雄霸天下 . Especially listening to the song from the movies too.

Sharing the simple piano arrangement, and the piano sheet.

Please note the music sheet is personally arranged & shared for educational & personal entertainment purposes.  Please use these personal shared items responsibly and not to use these commercially.

The access to Leshan is Chengdu city, with many international flights coming onboard. Chengdu is also home to the panda base conservatory. The cute-looking panda is huge and consumed huge amount of bamboo diet, but evolved into such lazy bums. Drop by to see these cutie pies. Chengdu is also famous for its face-changing opera, spend a night admiring the entertainment.

Flying over the beautiful mountains of Sichuan…
Chengdu’s cutie pies
Chengdu is also famous for face-changing opera 变脸

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